Welcome to Renew Fitness: Newcastle’s Premier Provider of Fitness Solutions for People Moving into their 40’s and Beyond

My Family. A Family That Trains Together, Stays Together.

Have you found that as each decade passes, getting into shape has become much harder? Want to start a fitness program but not sure where to start?


At Renew Fitness we believe that being fit doesn’t have to be time-consuming. That training and getting strong are about enriching your life, not dominating it.  Exercise should restore movement, reduce pain and build you up, rather than break you down.

In essence it is about QUALITY OF LIFE. Whether you’re juggling work with young children, working full-time with a busy social life, or semi-retired with travel plans and grandkids to chase we have the solution for you.

Expect to feel supported and encouraged from the moment you walk through the door. Our private studio in Mayfield is the perfect place to begin the journey of rediscovering your fitness or perhaps getting fit for the first time.



Strength is the master quality. Without it everything is harder, with it everything is easier. So we will train our bodies and our minds to be strong.


Without true commitment to a cause or goal progress cannot be made.


None of us have to do this alone. Lean on a community of likeminded individuals because it will make your journey more enjoyable, fulfilling and successful.


Respect the rules, respect each other, respect your body.


What’s it’s all for if you can’t enjoy life as well? Train hard, eat well but also party, drink, sleep, relax and indulge because life is too short.


Stop being so serious. We’re swinging kettlebells not saving people from a burning building. Training should be fun, not something that stresses you out.

Semi-Private Training
Our one and only obstacle race. I’ll stick to the kettlebells from now on!
Saturday Team Training can sometimes be a family affair. Daughters keeping their respective parents in check.
There is no “I’ in Team. Morning Team Training Session.
Sweaty but still smiling.

We pride ourselves on a non-intimidating environment which is shared with a community of like-minded individuals all looking to stay fit for all that life throws at them without taking ourselves too seriously.


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Renew Fitness is located at Valkyrie Function Training. 16 Hanbury St, Mayfield. Please feel free to drop in and say hello or better yet leave your details via the web form below.UntitledIMG_0768

Sign up Today for your Complimentary Fitness Foundations Session


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How old are the people that you train?

The average age of the people that I train is about 44 years. Most fit into the 36-52 year old bracket, with a few a little older and a few a little younger.

What gender are the people that you train?

About 90% female at the moment.

What if I’m not fit enough to train?

If you’re not fit then you need me more than if you are. My role is to help you find your fitness and strength in a safe and efficient manner.

What if I’ve never been to a gym before?

That doesn’t matter. In fact I think that’s great because you won’t have built up any bad habits. A person with zero experience can quite often progress faster than someone who has been going to the gym and picked up bad habits that need to be corrected.

I have an injury (insert your injury here) can I still train?

Yes you can. By the time we hit 40 most of us will have accrued some form of injury or degeneration. It doesn’t matter, as it is my role to find ways to help you work around whatever limitation that you have in a safe manner. You can always do something.

Will I be sore?

If you’ve not used your body in a while then yes you will be sore. The key is to not do too much too soon. This is another aspect that we place great emphasis on at Renew Fitness. We are not interested in “impressing” you by giving you “Biggest Loser” style workouts that leave you incapacitated.

Will I be made to run or jump?

No you will not. We rarely employ either at Renew Fitness and on the odd occasion that we do there are always modifications or alternatives. We never force someone to do something they do not or cannot do.

How often should I train?

We recommend coming in for training 3 to 4 times per week. This would equate to a total face to face time of approximately 2-3 hours.

What should I do on off days?

Stay active but don’t do anything too strenuous. Go for walk, bike ride, surf, yoga. Do something that makes you happy but doesn’t impact on your ability to recover.

What should I eat before/after training?

It really doesn’t matter too much if your goal is fat loss or general health improvement. Some people eat before training other prefer not to. In general keep it light before a training session like a piece of fruit and a shot of espresso. After your workout go home and have whatever regular meal is due next. The whole feeding window post workout is massively overblown hype. Just eat normally.

How do I pay?

We use Mindbody booking software and all of our clients pay via direct debit on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Are there contracts?

No we do not lock people into contracts. As a courtesy we do ask to be given notice if you plan to cancel but there are no penalties and no minimum commitment timeframes.

Can I pay cash?

Yes you can but we do require you to pay for sessions in advance.

How do a book in?

We use Mindbody reservations software. All clients have access to our Mindbody page and manage their own bookings via the app or on their computer. Our schedule is available to book in for a rolling 4 weeks in advance.

Where can I see your timetable?

This is our current schedule. It is subject to change based on demand and popularity of session times.

New Schedule

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