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5 Pillars Of Transformation Part 3 – Social Support

Transformation Thursday!

5 Pillars Of Transformation Part 3

The 5 pillars are:

1) Better planning and preparation
2) Accountability
3) Social Support
4) Incentive (negative or positive)

Last week I addressed point number two so this week we’ll look at number three – SOCIAL SUPPORT.

Social support really goes hand in hand with accountability. This is where you find positive people to share your journey with. You can use a weight loss forum, Facebook, people at work, friends or a family member. They just have to be willing to share your journey and provide a positive influence.

If you don’t have those sort of people in you life the internet does work. I study done in Sweden showed that the more often a person went back to a weight loss forum, the better results they got.

I’m living proof of this because a while back I entered a Turbulence Training (TT) Transformation Competition to try and get really lean after floundering for a while to lose those last couple of body-fat percentage points. The support, comradery and sense of competition I received from the TT forums saw me get to the lowest body-fat percentage that I have ever been.

Social support works, it’s essential in fact if you want to have a successful transformation. Get some!

This is a photo of my before and afters from that transformation competition (sorry I know I could have cracked a smile). All thanks to Social Support! Plus a lot of hard work.


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