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5 Pillars Of Transformation (Part 4) 

Transformation Thursday!

The 5 pillars are:

1) Better planning and preparation
2) Accountability
3) Social Support
4) Incentive (negative or positive)

Last week I addressed point number three so this week we’ll look at number four – INCENTIVE (POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE).

So you’ve planned, you’ve prepped, you’ve got yourself an accountability partner and recruited social support. You’re in good shape BUT you can still do better.

Next you need to come up with some type of incentive (either a reward or a punishment) to give your willpower that extra little kick in the pants.


An example of a positive reward might be a reward meal at the end of the week if you’ve stay on track all week. Or it might be a new pair of shoes, a nice bottle of wine, or a trip to the movies.

An example of a punishment might be to simply not give yourself that reward that you so desire. Maybe it’s a monetary punishment or something like agreeing to to the ironing for a month (if you’re not the one who does this already it will truly suck). lol

You get the picture though. Reward or punishment (I prefer reward) incentives are a very important part of a successful transformation.

Next week part 5…..Deadline (arguably the most important of them all).

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