Our Next Beginner Kettlebell Workshop: Saturday the 8th of June at 8-am to 11-am. Register via this link.

Beginner Kettlebell Workshop

Coming soon

Saturday 8th of June. 8am-11am.

Do you want to be able to get strong without injury?

Do you want smart programming that allows you to workout and gets the most out of your training?

Our beginner kettlebell workshop is the perfect place to start.

Spend three hours learning the fundamentals of kettlebell training and understanding how your body is made to move. 

If you’ve regularly been training for the last ten years – you’ll take away a bunch of tips to perfect your technique. 

If you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before – you’ll be able to work at your level of fitness and LEARN how to move well without running yourself into the ground every day. 

Come and learn from Newcastle’s only Level 2 Strongfirst Kettlebell Coach and Original Strength Coach.

Our next beginner kettlebell workshop will be on Saturday 8th of June. 8 am -11 am


$197.00 per person (includes 1-month trial at Renew Fitness)

The workshop includes the following:

  • An introduction to the Original Strength System
  • 3-hours of instruction where you will learn the goblet squat, swing, military press and get-up.

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Can't attend a workshop?

If the next scheduled workshop doesn’t suit, we have you covered. 

1. Private PT + Trial Month ($247.00)

🔵 90 minute PT session which covers all of the content in the beginner workshop.

2. Workshop only option also available ($97.00)

🔵 Excludes trial month (option to upgrade on the day)

🔵 Perfect for people that train at home, or another gym but need to brush up on their skills.

3. Private Beginner Workshop (min 2 people).

🔵 If you can’t make it to a scheduled workshop, this is for you.

🔵 Minimum of two people

Indicate which option you prefer, using the form below.

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