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Fat Loss: Focus on the Process, Not the Result.

  When considering weight gain and fat loss we need to take a step back and examine a simple set of facts. The following statement is true: “You didn’t become overweight overnight.” So the following statement is also true: “You can’t expect fat loss to occur overnight.” This could be

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Mindset! Here’s what I know

Mindset! Here’s what I know: For the most part you are sedentary or at best moderately active. You’re also incredibly busy and you wish that you had more energy and time. You like the idea of working out but the act of working out is a step you’re not quite

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Sacrifice and Reward

Something to think about this Sunday: Sacrifice and reward. Long term fat loss relies heavily on these two things. You will not achieve it without striking a balance between the two. The good part is that even on a fat loss eating plan you can have everything that you want.

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Almond And Berry Pancakes

I posted this up on my Facebook page the other day and got a lot of interest so here’s the recipe if you would like to try and make them yourself. Ingredients: 4 eggs 120 ml almond milk 1/2 teaspoon natural vanilla extract 2 tablespoons honey 100g almond meal 2

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Chicken Cashew Nut Stirfry

          Time for another recipe!  You’ll note a theme here.  I’m quite fond of thai food and this is one of my favorite thai dishes.  I always rate the quality of a thai restaurant by how they cook this dish. Wash it down with a nice

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