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Chicken Cashew Nut Stirfry






Time for another recipe!  You’ll note a theme here.  I’m quite fond of thai food and this is one of my favorite thai dishes.  I always rate the quality of a thai restaurant by how they cook this dish.

Wash it down with a nice bottle of gewurztraminer and I’m in heaven!

Ingredients (Serves 2) 

* 300g of chicken thigh or breast (I prefer thigh as it’s tastier and less prone to dry out – slice into thin strips)
* 1/3 cup of raw cashew nuts
* 3 cloves of garlic (minced)
* 2 long red chillies (minced)
* 2 tbs of oysters sauce
* 1 tbs of tomato sauce (ketchup) trust me on this one!
* 1 tbs of chilli jam (you will get it at any asian supermarket)
* 1/4 cup of spring onions (cut into 2cm pieces)
* 1 brown onion (peeled cut into eighths)
* vegetable of your choice (my favourite are broccoli, snow peas, carrot, zucchini and red capsicum)
* 5 or 6 dried chillies
* 2 tbs of coconut oil
* sea salt to season (approx 1-2 tsps)


Step 1: add dry chilli and coconut oil to a small saucepan on a very low heat. Keep heat on until the dried chilli have leached some colour into the oil creating (chilli oil). Then set aside for the cooking process.
Step 2: slice chicken into thin stirfry strips and season with sea salt
Step 3: dry fry cashew nuts in a fry pan until the have a little colour (no oil)
Step 4: mince garlic and chilli (I give them a quick blend together in the magic bullet) 
Step 5: Create stirfry sauce my mixing oyster sauce, tomato sauce and chilli jam
Step 6: Chop up all of your vegetables into the desired shapes and sizes
Step 7: Add 1 tbs of chilli oil to a very hot wok and fry chicken until starting to turn golden. When about 80% cooked take chicken off heat and put to the side in a bowl. (note: cook the chicken in batches if necessary to ensure the wok doesn’t lose too much heat and cause the chicken to leach it’s juices and stew)
Step 8: Add 1tbs of chilli oil and onion (cut into 8th’s) to the wok
Step 9: when onion starts to turn translucent add minced chilli and garlic, dried chilli from the oil and the chicken back to the wok and stirfy for 1-2 minutes until chicken is cooked.
Step 10: Throw in all of your vegetables and mix well.
Step 11: Add the pre-prepared stirfry sauce and mix for 2-3 minutes.
Step 12: Add cashew nuts, turn off the heat and mix through
Step 13: Serve with jasmine/basmati rice and garnish with spring onion.



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