When considering weight gain and fat loss we need to take a step back and examine a simple set of facts.

The following statement is true:

“You didn’t become overweight overnight.”

So the following statement is also true:

“You can’t expect fat loss to occur overnight.”

fat loss takes time focus on the process not the result

This could be said for many pursuits so let’s take a step away from fat loss for a second.  Take my current quest to become a Level 2 SFG and the requirement of a half bodyweight press.

My press has been coming along but not fast enough. I felt rushed, I was focusing on how much weight I could press instead of how well I could press.  I started pressing the 36kg, but I wasn’t ready for it, to be honest, I was still struggling with the 32kg most days.

So I made a decision, a decision which was preceded by a very important question which was:

“What’s the bloody rush, Pete?”

And with that, I decided not to go for my level 2 in November but rather be patient and wait until next year or rather wait until I feel I’m ready.

So since making that decision, I have found that I press with more focus on the process because there is no rush now.

The result is I’m pressing the 32kg more confidently than I ever have. I’m just doing singles here and there but 9 times out of 10 now they are really good reps. I’ll get that half bodyweight press eventually but I’m no longer in a rush. Whatever you’re trying to achieve you need to take the same approach.

Fat loss is a great example of this because whilst we get bombarded with pictures of seemingly miraculous transformations.

The truth is progress that lasts takes a lot longer, and unless you focus on the process, build good habits you might never get there.

If you are ready to make a transition in your own health and fitness make sure that you get in touch today.

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