"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."
- Mahatma Gandhi

What does health & fitness mean to you?

When you start at Renew, we will go to great lengths to determine the answer to the above question.

The answer will begin your path to a happier, healthier you.

Before you join our regular classes, you will need to attend either a beginner workshop or signup for a private PT starter pack (standard and premium options available). 

All of our starter packs include a 1-month trial so that you can give us a good test drive before committing to stay.

For more information on our beginner workshops and starter packs, please click the links below.

Fitness Health Kettlebell Halo
Beginner Workshop
kettlbell training
Private PT Starter Packs

Attending a workshop or private PT session is a fantastic way to quickly get up to speed so that you can transition into regular classes seamlessly.

No matter which option you choose, you will leave the workshop, standard or premium PT starter pack, you will be put on the fast track to results.

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Torch Fat, Get Fitter and Stronger in 2 Weeks!

✅ It’s 100% FREE

✅No equipment required: No need for expensive gym equipment. All you will need is a small space to workout and your body.

✅ Simple: These workouts are easy to follow and are scaleable to any fitness or ability level

✅ Efficient: No hour long workouts. On average you will only be workout out 10-12 mins per day.

✅ Effective: Don’t let the short workout time fool you. When combined with the nutrition guide these workouts will help you cut the fat.