"First move well, then move often." - Gray Cook

What does health & fitness mean to you?

Maybe it’s able to do your job and play sport on the weekend.

Perhaps you want to be able to keep up with kids or grandkids.

It could be as simple as staying flexible enough to tie up your shoelaces without having to sit down.

Whatever health and fitness means to you, when you start at Renew, we will go to great lengths to determine the answer so that we can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Begin your journey to become a happier, healthier you, by signing for a Fitness Kickstart package. All of Fitness Kickstart packages include a 1-month trial so that you can give us a good test drive before committing to stay.

Male PT helping 50+ female with a core exercise

Kickstart You Health & Fitness with a Private PT session (or two)

We understand walking into a strange gym and joining a group session can be very intimidating, especially if you haven’t trained in a while or maybe ever.

For various reasons, many people never make it past the first four weeks of a new exercise regimen. Even worse, many don’t even start because of the anxiety surrounding beginning something new.

Questions like these might be running through your head.

  • How sore will I get?
    • (A little, but we’ll make sure you don’t overdo it.)
  • Will I be able to do the exercises?
    • (Yes, we provide regressions, progressions and alternatives. No matter you experience level we’ve got you covered.)
  • Am I fit enough?
    • (You don’t need to be fit to start. In fact if you’re not fit it’s the best reason to start.)
  • What if I’m too old?
    • (Stop it! You’re not.)
  • Am I too uncoordinated?
    • (No-one is too uncoordinated to train. Even if you can’t tell your ear from your elbow we have a solution for you)
  • Will I like everyone?
    • (Well you’ll just have to come in and find out for yourself.)

If people overcome this anxiety and take the plunge on their own, they end up going too hard too early and burn out, or they lose motivation due to lack of results.

The struggle is real, and we can help.

To overcome this, we offer Fitness Kickstart packages which are designed to take the guesswork out of starting a new lifestyle. Receive specific recommendations that will expedite results without causing overwhelm or burnout.

Private sessions speed the learning process significantly and allow for a high level of personalisation to meet your goals. You will be introduced to the fundamental exercises that we regularly use, to ensure your transition into semi-private training will be a smooth one.

Choose from 1,2 or 3 session packs and discover how achieving your goals is much easier when you have a clear, actionable, roadmap for success.

All Fitness Kickstart packs include the following.

Private PT Session(s): 

Choose from one, two or three 1-hour PT sessions.

1-Month Trial:

Unlimited access to all semi-private, small group and open gym times with no obligation to continue beyond the month. 

Initial Assessment:

Strategy Session

Determine where you are now, and the simplest way to move you toward where you want to be. You will leave this session with two or three strategies that you can plug in immediately to get fast results.

Original Strength Screen(OSSA)

The Original Strength Screen & Assessment (OSSA) is the world’s most effective human movement screen and functional assessment.

The screen provides a baseline view of how well connected an individual is and an overall look at their movement ability. You can learn more about Original Strength and the OSSA here.

Nutrition Guide:

We will give you our most successful nutrition plan, taken from one of our challenges. If you choose to follow this plan, it will provide you with fantastic body composition changes.


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