My online training program was born out of the Covid-19 crisis. At the time, I was training 100% in-person. The switch to virtual training proved very successful and has evolved into a system that works very well.

My program is different from regular online training because I try to make it as “in-person” as possible.

Distance coaching where interactions are solely through email, and the client just receives an arbitrary new workout every so often, and while that’s better than nothing, it leaves a lot to be desired.

As a trainer, I don’t feel I can do my job effectively that way, and I don’t feel it’s best for you, either.

At present I offer two different types of online training, hybrid and distance training. I’ll elaborate on each of these shortly. But first…

How it works

  1. The process starts with a conversation (or video chat) where we get to know each other and discuss your goals, injury history, past training history, nutrition.
  2. From there, I put together an initial plan, but we stay in close contact via phone, email, and/or Facetime to tweak the program as needed.
  3. I also ask that you send me videos of your training so I can make sure you’re doing everything correctly, especially on new exercises that you haven’t done before. 
  4. After the initial few weeks of ironing out the kinks and setting up foundations, we do regular check-ins to make sure you’re progressing properly and your training stays fresh and optimal. You get direct access to me and I’m happy emailing, talking on the phone, or Zoom. Your call.

The process takes a lot of work on both of our ends, so if you’re just looking for a program and nothing else, I’m not your guy.

I put a lot into the process and I expect my clients to, as well. With more people working out from home, I think this could be a great option to get as close to having a trainer as possible without having to go to the gym to see a trainer.

Distance Training

Distance training is tailored 100% to you. Perfect for people that are self-motivated and need a flexible training option to move them toward their goals.

It all starts by filling out the form below. 

Hybrid Training

Hybrid training is exactly like traditional semi-private, or small group training. Instead of getting up, jumping in the car, and driving to the gym, all you need to do is flip open your laptop and join a live Zoom session. This training option is perfect for people wanting the accountability of scheduled classes without the hassle of going to the gym.

Below you can find the current hybrid schedule. 

Session Times

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