Beginner Kettlebell Workshop


Beginner Kettlebell Workshop

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Our next workshop is on Saturday the 22nd of June from 8-am to 11-am

Do you want to be able to get strong without injury?

Do you want smart programming that allows you to workout and gets the most out of your training?

Our beginner kettlebell workshop is the perfect place to start.

The workshop will give you a brief introduction to the Original Strength system, and then explore the fundamentals of kettlebell training (goblet squat, swing, get-up and press) and understanding how your body is made to move. 

If you’ve regularly been training for the last ten years – you’ll take away a bunch of tips to perfect your technique. 

If you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before – you’ll be able to work at your level of fitness and LEARN how to move well without running yourself into the ground every day.

All attendees will be offered an exclusive discount on training at Renew Fitness.


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