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What if buying fitness was like buying McDonalds?

Bare with me: What is the one thing about McDonalds that makes it so successful? For some it’s the food, (hopefully not you) but I put it to you what makes it SO successful is the systematization. No matter where you go in the world when you order a Big Mac you will get exactly the same thing. This gives people a sense of security and builds trust.

Purchasing fitness is not so black and white. EVERYONE has an opinion. EVERYONE thinks that their way is the best way. So it is no wonder that you the consumer gets confused and frustrated.

This is why I’m constantly working on myself and my methods to ensure when you choose me as your trainer that you will not be confused with conflicting information and haphazard training techniques. You will get intelligent science based programming based on your specific needs and goals.

I’m not saying my way is the best (it is btw  ) But what I do guarantee is that you will get results and you will receive a fantastic experience each and every time you visit.

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