Semi-Private Training

What’s Semi-Private Training?

Semi-private personal training takes all of the benefits of private PT and delivers them at a fraction of the cost. Both our semi-private (Strong Lifts) and small group (Strength Camp) classes are capped at minimal numbers to ensure the highest standard of coaching.

Getting Stronger helps all areas of your life.

The goal of each session is to improve strength and movement quality because improving these qualities tends to improve all other areas of life as well. All fitness and ability (including those carrying injuries*) levels are welcome.

We train Monday to Friday as well as some Saturday’s and you can find our current schedule.

*Doctors or allied health professionals approval will be required to train. We can work with or around almost any condition safely and get you moving.

Get started by registering for one of our beginner workshop or PT packages.

Not your usual group training session

Group sessions at a regular gym provide generic workouts that do not cater to individual requirements. Some consequences of this style of training can include the following.

  • Poor exercise technique
  • Lack of progress
  • Injury
  • Frustration

We train for general preparedness. Our programming is designed to make your ready for whatever life throws your way. Strong enough to help someone move house, for fit and flexible enough to chase after your kids.

At Renew Fitness everyone is assessed and given a version of the program that best fits their needs. In this way, we can seamlessly have an absolute beginner working alongside a more advanced student.

We can have a person who needs to work around an injury or condition still training with people that are injury free. It allows us to work on an individual’s specific goal while not imposing it upon everyone else.

Sound good? Get started by registering for one of our beginner workshop or PT packages.

Strength Programming powered by

We use Strongfirst programming and coaching principles in all of our sessions.

This is the Strongfirst code and my short take on what it means to me.

I am a Student of Strength: as your coach, I will continue to learn and educate myself to give you the best information available.

I am a Quiet Professional: this journey is not about me, it is about you. As such I will always remain humble whilst guiding you toward your goals.

Strength has a Greater Purpose: Strength makes everything easier. We are not trying to get strong for the sake of being strong. Strength gives us more ability to enjoy life so that is why we prioritise it.

semi-private training
semi-private training

Movement restoration powered by

semi-private training

We use Original Strength as our warmup before each class and also throughout our workouts.

It focuses on foundational movement patterns that allow us to build our reflexive strength, enabling us to live life better. The OS system will help anyone, regardless of age, physical or mental abilities to breathe, move, and live better.

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