Strength Training Programs

The way we train is simple, but not easy. We don’t follow fads, instead only utilise methods that have stood the test of time. 

A word of warning: If you’re looking to be entertained with your workouts, rather than achieve mastery and progress we may not be for you. 

We use Strongfirst programming and coaching principles in all of our sessions.

This is the Strongfirst code and my short take on what it means to me.

I am a Student of Strength: as your coach, I will continue to learn and educate myself to give you the best information available.

I am a Quiet Professional: this journey is not about me, it is about you. As such I will always remain humble whilst guiding you toward your goals.

Strength has a Greater Purpose: Strength makes everything easier. We are not trying to get strong for the sake of being strong. Strength gives us more ability to enjoy life so that is why we prioritise it.

This is how we do it

Programming is broken down into 4-8 week blocks which focus on a specific goals.

We understand that some variety can be useful to keep things interesting, so long as that variety contributes to the end goal. Variety for varieties sake rarely leads to progress.

Those that show up and execute the plan are rewarded with something far more valuable than entertainment, they are rewarded with progress and results.

We use Original Strength as our warmup before each class and also scatter it throughout our workouts. It focuses on foundational movement patterns that allow us to build our reflexive strength, enabling us to live life better. The OS system will help anyone, regardless of age, physical or mental abilities to breathe, move, and live better.

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